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These images are important to me for a number of reasons.  First, and most obvious, they let me be 100% creative.  Anything I can dream of (I think in images) gets me thinking “What would it take to create an image of that?”  “Can I “improve” on any aspect of it?”  It is this thinking and kind of limitless imagination that got me started on my Signature Series of imagery.  Taking the Best of what’s around and making it a wee bit “Better”.

Also in this area are projects of other areas that I hold close to me personally.  From music to theatre.  Travel to history.  This is where my mind gets to play...enjoy!  If your portrait idea is unique and you feel none of our usual image-making areas suits you, contact us!  We are very open-minded about your ideas!

If any of these inspire your desire for images - by all means

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