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I never got so many favorable comments on a headshot as I did when Shawn was my photographer. He has an almost instinctual knowledge of light and composition. Shawn is professional, yet laid back. So, the session is fun, relaxed and productive. In addition, Shawn is fast on follow-through: The turn-around from session to choosing among proofs to you holding the finished work is the best you'll find anywhere. I most wholeheartedly recommend Highland Creations.
-- Kelly W.

This is one of our Fav-O-Rite parts of being in Photography.  What our clients are saying about us, and their photographs.  If they’re this thrilled, you will be too.  We Guarantee It!  Please look at what all these great people have to say about their time with

Highland Creations Photography.

I was thrilled with our experience with Highland Creations Photography, from the adaptability while making the appointment for the photo shoot to the personal delivery of the pictures. And the pictures themselves are fantastic! Shawn created aesthetically pleasing group arrangements, and managed to even get the children to cooperate in the shots. We could not have had a better experience for our family portraits!!

--Lisa B.

Shawn Hooper/Highland Creations has exceeded my expectations for on-location and studio photography. Shawn possesses that "creative eye" which not every techie with a camera has. He takes art direction very well, and is able to bear his talent on each shoot. He uses the latest equipment, and is willing to literally "go out on a limb" to get the shot I want. He's on my "A" list for Sketch First's photography needs.

-- Adam P.

Thanks for the artistry of your work!  The stop action shots of our live performances manage to capture the excitement of live production.  Your still portraits and head shots both portray the subjects accurately and with flattery.
Norman Ussery
Executive Director
Twin City Stage

As Marketing Director for TWIN CITY STAGE, Winston-Salem’s premier community theatre for over 75 years, it is imperative that I work with a photographer who understands the intricate complexities of shooting live actors on stage. Shawn Hooper is as professional as he is talented.  I have asked him to shoot numerous productions for TWIN CITY STAGE where his images appear in our print ad campaigns and on our web-site. From actor’s head shots, to publicity photos, right down to shooting the entire production LIVE--Shawn ALWAYS delivers the “Money Shot”: that one perfect shot that tells the entire story.  His artistic eye is brilliant and he is comfortable enough with his talent that he can LISTEN to ideas and direction without his ego getting in the way. Like his photographs, Shawn Hooper is sheer quality.

--Laura Ward
Marketing and PR Director, TWIN CITY STAGE

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Happiness Is..

Shawn Hooper outdid himself with my photo shoot. He was prepared, on time, and made me feel at ease. I have had my photo taken by other people who made me feel uncomfortable, but Shawn's calm nature allowed me to relax and have fun. He had scouted out locations and had his state of the art equipment set up and ready. He is so good at what he does. He thinks outside the box and that's what makes him special. I would highly recommend Shawn to everyone!  He is a fantastic photographer. I can't wait to work with him again in the future!

- Miranda L.

Shawn was helpful and professional throughout the entire photographic process. From the initial consultation to ensure we would all be happy with the location and that our attire would go well in the setting right through until the delivery of the photos, Shawn and Highland Creations was quick to respond to questions, and prompt and clear with the service. Shawn's years behind the camera made our photos genuine (whether frolicsome or serious), and the final results provided us with memories that will last forever (and make great gifts too)!

Thank you, Shawn, for your expertise, your thoroughness, and the delightful experience from start to now (because I hope this isn't the end).


Dack S.